Creative ways to take care of your child


Taking care of a child is a full-time job and sometimes it can be overwhelming especially for first-time parents. It’s one thing to spend time with your child but equally important is the fact that you provide them with activities that are stimulating and at the same time educational which is important for their development.

Arts and crafts are activities that you should definitely provide your child; this is because such activities promote creativity, drawing skills as well as knowledge of colour. Another popular children activity that is also every beneficial is the use of play dough, this way they can learn to identify shapes and sizes.

Use kitchen as play area

The kitchen is often a play that parents try to keep their children away from but if you be extra cautious, the kitchen is actually an educational place for the child. The obvious lesson you can teach here is how to be safe in the kitchen, but if you are creative enough, you can include the child in the cooking process where they can learn to eat healthily.

Communication skills are an important element in a child’s development and you don’t have to stress yourself out to teach your child how to listen and talk. For example, a simple game such as pointing at a particular object and saying its name where she can learn the names of those objects.

Sharing among Siblings

In principle, every human being is selfish because most people would protect their own self-interest no matter the cost. But in a family environment, sharing forms a basis of a person in the society and the unwillingness to share would have adverse effects, particularly among siblings. In this context, sibling rivalry is a hard issue to tackle and if the competition between 2 siblings reaches an alarming point, then the whole situation could be harder to solve. Therefore, one could use the act of sharing to solve the problem of fighting for attention between the children. The parents would have to be fair in this context.

Therefore, if the act of sharing is well instilled among the children, then it would have a positive effect on the rivalry. In fact, if brothers and sisters are aware that they must share their food, their space, their toys, their books with each other, then it takes away the pressure to be better than the other. Furthermore, it will also change the selfish attitude which they might have. The child would also be able to understand the need to protect their siblings from being bullied by others when the situation arises. Sharing is caring is a cliché but it is true to its very meaning.