Getting your child to eat fruits and vegetables, without the fuss


The reality is that not many children will voluntarily eat fruits and vegetables, most of the time it is for coercion, tricks and bribery (not recommended by the way). What children are usually after are foods loaded with salt and sugar which are obviously not healthy for them. At the end of the day, they need to get such foods into their diet. So read on to find out how you can use imaginative ways to get your child to eat fruits and vegetables.

Be creative with the food

One way is to make meals fun, one thing that happens the most during dinner time is the child is faced with the choice of eating the greens and fruits or face punishment. A stressful time for them to be in, instead of this why don’t you make it less intimidating and more fun. For example, you can create dished based on your child’s favourite character and name them “Atomic Apple Salad”, something which they can relate to.

Another way is to just get your child involve, when you are grocery shopping, let your child go and pick out their favourite fruits and vegetables. This way, they at least know what they are eating and what it looks like before it was cooked.