Leaving your kids with the babysitter


Feeling apprehensive about leaving your kids with the babysitter is quite natural but here are some tips to help ease the apprehension. Whether you are leaving your child with a family member, a reputable agency or the neighbourhood babysitter, it is important that you cover all the bases and safety measure.

Whether you are hiring someone experienced or not, give them a tour of the house so they know where the essential items are such as the first aid kit. Also, explain to the babysitter what foods the child are allowed to eat and where you put them. Giving them the tour around the house will definitely be useful in case of an emergency and they know where to go and what to do once it happens. On that note, make sure you provide the babysitter with a list of contacts to call in case an emergency does occur.

Mutual respect

If you are dealing with a new babysitter then talk to your child about it so the transition is smooth for everyone except of course the child already knows the babysitter and is comfortable with them, then generally it shouldn’t be a problem. Also, let your child know that you value their opinion and talk to them at the end of the night to listen to what they have to say about that particular babysitter.

Before you leave the child, run through the details again but try not to be overbearing as the child may start to feel nervous seeing their parent agitated. When everything has been checked and double-checked and before you leave the house, inform the babysitter approximately what time you will be returning.