Punish or not to punish


Besides spanking there are more effective ways of punishing your child, this is because hitting them can actually create confusion amongst the child. The alternative methods provided here will allow you to not only discipline your child but at the same time, it allows for you to build a strong family bond and relationship.

If your child is not behaving properly then as a parent you can give them time-outs, this will allow the child to understand that their actions is not proper and they should stop doing it. Besides this, this will also allow for the child to reflect on what they have done and how they can improve on it without offending other people. Time-outs is not just useful for children but for parents as well as this gives them time to cool down and avoid punishing the child out of anger.

Testing out different methods for different kids

Another effective way of punishing your child is by removing privileges, different situations of course requires different response so you have to identify that particular privilege in order for it to work. For example, if the child refuses to take out the trash because they are too engrossed in the video game then taking away the video game will send out a clear message to them.

As a parent it is important for you to follow out with these punishments, if you cave in then the child will take advantage of it and will not be fazed by such punishments anymore. At the same time, make sure that they understand the reason they are being punished so they can learn from it.