Top Factors in Raising good children


Honesty in the family

Parents usually have a difficult task of teaching honesty to their children. This is because children have the tendency to lie about things so as not to get into trouble when they did something wrong. But the problem drawn from this is not so much because the children likes to tell lies but a lot of the responsibilities come from the parents. If parents are not consistent with their promises, then such acts would translate to the children.

In most cases, children do not tell the truth not because they do not want to but because they are afraid to get into trouble. But if by telling the truth means not getting into the truth, then they might continue to do the wrong thing as they know they will get away scot-free. Parents would have to ensure that the child is aware that the wrong thing will warrant punishment. However, the fault-punishment concept is the right way but it is also the parent’s responsibility to be honest themselves especially to their children. Again, it is important that the parent must be the role model and it will be tough for the children to learn if their parents think it is ‘okay’ to skip school today because they don’t feel like it.

Socially Engaged in and out of the family

Parenting refers to activity of bringing up a child that covers their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development from infancy until they reach adulthood. It can be a difficult and heavy responsibility particularly for first-time parents.

To ensure that your kids experience a balanced development during infancy, here are some practical suggestions to raise happy kids. Parenting in its simplest form would be – connections, play, practice, mastery and recognition.

Show genuine love to your kids and spouse

Bear in mind that kids need unconditional love from their kith and kin to ensure that they feel part of the large extended family. But the most important love bond is between the kid and parents. How exactly do you bond with your kids? Get involved in open-ended play. Besides nurturing their decision-making and problem-solving skills, it is a great time to get connected with your children. Unconsciously, open-ended play (let the kids create a scenario and solve it on their own) may help you to identify their talents and skills in particular filed.

Promote your kids’ skills and talent

Next up, once you have identified the kids’ talent and skill, practice it from time to time. It helps to boost their confidence. Practice makes perfect. When the kids managed to practice particular skill, they can master it easily and motivate them to move on to a new challenge. Finally, remember to approve or praise your kids for what they’re good at to ensure they feel good about themselves.

After learning the simplest form of parenting, here are useful tips and guidance on raising children with good characters. Although you may find it hard to comply to such suggestions, but raising children with respectable character is the first step to become a good parent.

Balance your time off for family

Firstly, always prioritize parenting. Of course, it is hard to juggle between family and career life but try to allocate and spend time daily with your kids to get connected and build the love bond in your relationship. It helps to develop good, decent and respectable characters among the kids.

Be your kids’ friend but make sure he knows his boundary

Next up, scrutinize the amount of time you spend with the kids. It is best to treat your kids as your lifetime companion. Therefore, try to include children into your social life and as a return, your kids will include you in their social life. Children always demand your full attention. If possible, devote all your free time with your kids.

Practice what you Preach

The most important element you need to remember when it comes to parenting is modeling, Set a good example to the children. Research and studies showed that kids will imitate your actions regardless of whether it is good or bad. Because after all, they do not know how to differentiate what is good and bad. It is your job as a parent to show some good qualities.

Active monitoring

Keep an eye on your children. Basically, kids absorb what they learn from the mass media. With the technology advancement nowadays, you need to evaluate what is right and wrong before allowing your children to receive the ideas as portrayed in the books, TV, movies and Internet. Some movies may not portray moral values and therefore, it is not suitable for kids to watch it. Control the amount of time your children spend in front of the television. You may watch cartoons such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Sesame Street or Barney and friends together. Most importantly, control and examine your kids once they learn how to use the computer and Internet. Remember, Internet chat room can be dangerous to kids.

One may have neglected the language used in household. As mentioned earlier, children absorb information like sponges. So, avoid profanities or foul language if you have small kids at home.

Mild Punishment to show them what is their boundary 

It is common for parents to punish out-of-control kids as an approach to remind them what is right and wrong. Unlike adults, sometimes children can never understand the relevance for punishing them over some small matter. Therefore, it is extremely important for them to understand what the punishment serves for and how it works. It is best to punish them with a loving-heart and not to silent them once and for all. Bear in mind that there is a limit for the punishment. It is only fair if you punish their wrongdoings and praise or award for the good deeds. But there is a danger here – do not try to bribe the kids in order to ensure they behave well. It will send a wrong message to them.

As a parent, you are not always right. Take some time to listen to what your children has to say. Give them a chance to clarify and open up their heart. While ensuring that they listen to your advise, set aside time to talk to the kids.

As you child grow up, they spend part of their lives in school. How they deal with the challenges and solving the problems will influence their life in the future. Of course, there is bound to be some joy and sadness. This is the time for you to get involved in their school’s life by interacting and listening to their problems. In addition to that, try to talk to school counselor and teachers to find out your kids’ progress.

Finally, as your child grow up, remind them the importance of spending time together for a family meal. Having a family meal together is crucial for you to talk and some instances, re-connect with the kids. Impose strict rules and manners over dining table. Appreciate the time you have to communicate and strengthen the relationship once again. It is the perfect quality time to catch up with your kids’ life.