What is family planning


Family planning allows couples to plan ahead when to have kids and how many kids they would have. Individuals and couples can reduce the risk of pregnancy through contraception or contragestion. Other commonly used techniques are infertility management, sexuality education and counseling. In other words, family planning is synonym with the term ‘birth control’. In certain cases due to unwanted pregnancy, female-male couple can take extreme measures to terminate pregnancy through abortion or sterilization.

Pregnancy and Sex Planning

Family planning requires extensive arrangement between partners to determine how to deal with procreation in sexually active relationship. This arrangement is crucial to avoid unwanted pregnancy in a relationship that may lead to abortion. Well, abortion can damage women as  surgery may bring physical complications such as heart attack, convulsion and even death. For inexperienced couples, marriage counselors usually suggest to seek family planning services. When you visit a family planning council or clinic to seek their services, be prepared as the counselors will ask private and sensitive questions such as your body changes and discharge during sex.

Children and Financial planning

Clinics do offer the services to educate and provide comprehensive medical and social activities to allow couples to decide the number and timing to have children and plan accordingly how to achieve their desired aim. Couples particularly minors should join family planning services as raising a child is harder than you think. It requires financial stability, extensive time and the right environment to raise a healthy child. With family planning, couples can plan ahead and start saving before the baby is born.

Natural Family Planning which prohibits birth control

While family planning is approved by many international organizations including World Health Organization (WHO), there is another method known as natural family planning (NFP) approved by Roman Catholic Church. Unlike family planning, NFP prohibits the use of birth control. Among some of the methods used to avoid pregnancy under NFP context are periodic abstinence and natural infertility. NFP requires couples to limit sexual intercourse between partners to avoid unwanted pregnancy.